Property Owners

YOU and your wishes as property owner, set the standard of care at Brisbane West Rentals. Your needs are specific to you and at our initial meeting we discuss your expectations in detail. We will also share our local and/or professional knowledge with you. So you can be assured that your property is in secure hands. We have developed a proven track record for our rental appraisals being close to the true rental yield of a property.


All of our tenants pay electronically, directly into the Brisbane West RentalsTrust Account. Property owners receive their rent in their nominated bank account, once a month. They also receive an account statement and an itemised financial end-of-year report for income tax purposes. Email, phone calls and normal post are our usual means of maintaining regular communication with tenants and property owners.


The following are our management industry standard fees and charges:

Letting Fee:

One week's rent plus GST

Management Fee:

8% plus GST

Negotiation of Lease renewal:

27.5% plus GST

Periodic Inspections:

With our compliments

Mediation/Tribunal hearing:

To be agreed prior to hearing

Postage and Petties:

$5.00 plus GST

Internet Advertising:

At cost


We are fast gaining a reputation for minimal vacancy periods between tenants for a number of reasons:

  1. We have a policy of showing properties at times that suit the prospective tenant. If the property is vacant, we will meet prospective tenants after work hours, across weekends and try to be as flexible in this matter as we can.
  2. All details relevant to the property go on our books. Our regular inspections are not just used to keep a professional eye on the property wear and tear but to develop a confidential relationship with the tenant, recognizing the value of word of mouth. Happy tenants needing to move on will always recommend friends and family to us as potential new tenants.
  3. In Brisbane there are more tenants than there are good executive properties, so we at Brisbane West Rentals, can carefully vet each tenant, and match the tenant to the home and the property owner’s criteria.

If your property is to be vacated, we step in and:

  • Promote your property on our rental listing sheet displayed in the office
  • Erect a prominent ‘To Let’ sign on the property
  • Advertise your property on our website and other Internet sites
  • Begin an immediate search of our database for potential tenants
  • Email corporate relocators.

Potential tenants receive a personal escort through the property and are never left unattended whilst on your land.


Screening of tenants

Tenants must fulfill our five-point mandatory list to ensure they meet our high standards:

  1. Check references from previous agents. If first time tenants, we obtain personal references.
  2. Run a rental history check for all previous rentals
  3. Confirm all relevant employment details supplied with the application.
  4. Carry out the "100 point" identification check of each applicant.
  5. Utilise the TICA (tenancy information centre of Australia) database to check for past history (if any) of rental defaults.

As the property owner, you have the final decision of tenancy approval and will be presented with the results of the tenants’ screening process.


Property Maintenance and Inspection

Brisbane West Rentals carries out three inspections annually. These inspections include photo documentation and a full copy of the inspection report is sent to the owner.

If immediate repairs are observed in the inspection, immediate action is taken. We encourage instant communication from our tenants regarding any repairs etc. Large repairs are not entered into without written quotes and we work in liaison with the property owner to see the work is carried out to their satisfaction.

Exit and Entry Condition Reports

If a tenant vacates a property, an Exit Condition Report is carried out within three working days and before the bond is released.

Before a tenant takes over the occupancy of a property, an Entry Condition Report is created. Both the Property Manager and Tenant sign off on the condition of the property. This report is complete with photo documentation and used as references when the property is vacated.